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My favorite singer, Glen Phillips, does a brilliant cover of James Blake’s “Retrograde.” That song and its lyrics have been stuck in my head for days… well, off and on for a couple of months, actually. One of the lines that keeps repeating in my head is “show me why you’re strong.” Ouch. I hope I’m strong. I find myself praying for strength on a daily basis… hoping my reserves go deeper than I think. Just about every line of the song resonates for me.

Normally, it’s Glen’s lyrics that find a home in my head and refuse to leave. In this case, the lyrics aren’t his, but what his voice does to them… I’ll let you be the judge. I prefer the cover to the original, but that’s no surprise. I am grateful to now have a video to go along with his stunning voice, although every time I listen, I find myself closing my eyes anyway. The song makes me ache, but it’s a mostly pleasant sort of ache. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.