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Perspective Gratitude

I’ve had a lot of time – too much, I suppose – to mull over the awfulness of our financial situation. It is what it is, and while we are always trying to improve things, we’ve been mired in it for a long time. I am learning to appreciate those mini wake-up calls that remind me that our situation, while obviously far from ideal, is really only about money. I don’t mean to suggest that it’s superficial, or to invalidate the anxiety it causes us on a daily basis. But bottom line (recent colds aside), I am healthy, my husband is healthy and my kids are healthy. Anything else can be fixed. Maybe not on my desired schedule, but still.


This woman’s blog really threw me. I’m not putting it up here as an example of “Look! Her life is so much worse than mine!” That’s not my point. In truth, I’m kind of in awe of her. In spite of her circumstances, she is both energetic and positive. Imagine what my life might be like if I had even a tenth of that energy and positivity. I don’t envy her circumstances, but I envy the hell out of her attitude. Awe-inspiring, absolutely. Something to aspire to.

Everywhere I look, I find opportunity to shift my perspective. I am grateful for that.