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Finally managed to get together with a new friend I met awhile back in Bible Study. It was tougher to accomplish than you might think. When she joined our group, I felt an immediate connection. Unfortunately, almost as quickly she got a part-time job that precluded her being able to attend. I just kept emailing, and hoping. I may have mentioned a few times that forging friendships is tough for me; I would never list it among my stronger life skills. When I meet someone I actually feel connected to, it’s a big deal. As with any new relationship, I’m always concerned I’ll find a way to mess it up. I don’t want to come on too strong or seem desperate, but definitely don’t want to seem disinterested, either. Ah, balance. You constantly elude me.

Anyway, this woman is a mom as well, which always adds to scheduling wackiness. “My child goes down for a nap around this time.” “Oh really? How unfortunate. That’s when mine is just waking up.” Ridiculous. Her schedule at work eventually adjusted so that she was able to return to Bible Study, which was great, but then she had family in town pretty much continuously for awhile. Scheduling issues abounded. So finally we had settled on today, and my cold decided to stage a return yesterday. After the memorial for my husband’s cousin I came home and never left the couch again, more or less literally. Felt exhausted and was hacking up nastiness. Yuck. I was supposed to assist in Mommy and Me class today, but as that would have involved handling other people’s kids, I opted out. Sent my husband instead (bless him) and went back to bed after getting Avery dressed, fed and ready to go (Chris needed to get himself ready, as he hadn’t expected to be out and engaging with others quite that early). Didn’t know if I could sleep, but it turned out that yes, yes I could. Slept an additional three hours! Whew! Clearly my body needed it. Stress and insomnia are wreaking havoc on my normally iron-clad immune system.

So I got up and pulled myself together. Could I have rescheduled? Absolutely. But it had taken so long to pull this off, I didn’t want to risk it. Had a great time and the kids had fun running around in the park. It was easy, or as easy as things get where new friendships are involved. Relatively graceful even. Yay!

Dear J,

Thanks for a lovely coffee/park playdate. I think you’re amazing. Let’s be friends, and hang out more often.


P.S. Does this note sound too 6th grade? Sorry, I get like that when I’m nervous.