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Bird Necklace Gratitude

About a month ago I fell totally in love with this necklace on Etsy. It totally spoke to me (no, really – when it comes to shopping, I hear voices), and better still, was $5.50! Brilliant! Granted, it cost almost as much to ship as the price of the necklace, and it came from somewhere in Asia (I should really examine the packaging and figure out where) so it took almost a freaking month to get here. But for $5.50 (okay, $10 with shipping), I think it was entirely worth it.

Oddly, in the online picture, the necklace looked a bit more delicate. It wasn’t shown on a model so it was difficult to gauge proportion. I was startled by its size… it’s more of a Statement with a capital S than I had anticipated, but I still love it. It makes me feel like a little bit of a bad ass, for whatever reason. Okay, it’s a flock of birds, not a skull and crossbones, but regardless. It’s not a necklace for the faint of heart.

Gotta love Etsy! I try to avoid spending too much time there, because those $5.00 deals would start to add up quickly. In this case though, it really was a steal and it made me feel good on what had been something of a rough day. Maybe the month-long wait was worth it, because in the end it arrived exactly when I needed it.