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friendship gratitude

Today, I am grateful for the friends who fill my life. The people who remind me that they are thinking of me and that they care. The people who try to help. Whether they are able to help is less important than the fact of them having tried. The trying matters, more than you might imagine. The people who send me job listings I might not have otherwise seen and the people who offer advice. The people who don’t offer advice, but who listen well. The people who don’t sugar-coat things, but still manage not to make me cry. The people who let me cry.

All of these wonderful people accomplish something vital: they remind me that I’m not alone. Because here’s the thing – it’s in my nature to feel alone. What’s worse, the stress of our situation makes me feel even more alone, isolated and doomed. I need these texts, emails, phone calls and coffee dates. I need them badly. When I feel like the universe itself has abandoned me, leaving me feeling lost and untethered, one of those amazing souls will reach out – however briefly – and pull me back in. I need those connections. I am beyond grateful for them.