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Bed Naps Gratitude

Screw you, insomnia, and the stress you rode in on. Last night I had one of those nights when sleep just eluded me. My mind was spinning and my stomach was grinding and the clock was mocking me: 1:30 AM… 3:00 AM… 4:30 AM… 5:15 AM. I did finally fall asleep sometime after 5:15, but of course it was a morning on which Avery had Mommy & Me class, so we needed to be up at 8:00 AM. I was a mess and needless to say, we were quite late. Whatever, I didn’t skip it altogether, which was certainly tempting. We even hung out at the park with a group of moms for an hour or so after class. Afterward we came home and ate lunch, I watched a TV show with Chris while we ate and by 3 or so I hit the wall. Hard. Went to bed, fell asleep instantly and it was all over for nearly three hours. I love naps. Woke up feeling nearly human.

I love my bed. Our mattress sucks… one of the many things we own that should have been replaced several years ago, but wasn’t because we never had the money. It sags everywhere, no matter how often we turn it. But the bed itself is amazing. It’s a remnant of our past life, the one pre-kids where we both had jobs and discretionary income. When we were first planning on moving in together, I confessed that I had always wanted a wrought iron, antique bed. I had a wrought iron bed, but it was queen size, and there was no way it was holding me, Chris and my two springer spaniels (and trust me, if anyone was getting bumped, it wasn’t the dogs). It also wasn’t an antique. So we went to Cathouse Antiques and there it was, my dream bed. Its lines were amazing… something about it reminded me of Cinderella’s carriage. Romantic that I am, I fell instantly in love, and Chris was smart enough to know not to fight me. It had already been altered to become a California King (a size that doesn’t exist in the world of antiques), which furthered my belief that it was my bed – that it had been waiting for me. I let Chris pick the finish, a brownish-bronze, because I’m nice like that.

Its price was obscene… there’s no other way to put it. But this was a different time, and we had the money. We were excited to start our lives together, and this bed seemed like the ribbon on the package. It’s worth more now than it was then (in fact when you buy a bed at Cathouse it’s written into the contract that they will exchange the bed or buy it back at any point, for more than you paid for it), but I will never sell it. It’s the one piece of furniture I will never let go of. Both my kids were conceived in it, but moreover it’s still the perfect bed. It’s one of the things I own that matters most.

Naps are brilliant, when you can get them. Naps in the world’s best bed are better still.