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It’s been a rough week, as I already mentioned. Earlier today I took a slight detour on my 365 Days of Gratitude tour. I needed that detour, and I’m not apologizing for it. No one can be entirely grateful all the time, least of all someone living in a state of constant stress.

Today was marginally better. My son stopped vomiting, thank God, but he still has a low grade fever and seems fairly lethargic so we’re keeping him home tomorrow. I suppose I’m grateful that today was a holiday, so he’ll only end up missing one day of school. I am definitely feeling better as well. Still lots of coughing and nose blowing, but my head is more or less clear and I can breathe through my nose, via both nostrils. Hey, this stuff matters. Trust me. My husband is still in the thick of the cold, but his back seemed better today. Another thing to be happy about.

At the end of the day, we were winding things down. I got Avery ready for bed, brushed her teeth and then she chose a couple of books for me to read to her in bed. We settled down and then she told me she was going to read to me. Cutest moment ever! Her adorable little voice saying, “Once upon a time” totally melted my heart. (This particular book doesn’t really start with that phrase, but does it matter?) She was so precious I had to take a picture.

Quiet Moments Gratitude

These quiet moments are the best, and the easiest to be grateful for. With Avery, I’m not on the receiving end of many quiet moments, as she is a rather lively little girl (read: she rarely stops talking, and every game she plays seems to involve slamming things around with huge amounts of force). When they occur, I’m always trying to capture and savor them… burning them into my memory so they can be relived at a time when I really need one. As it happened, I really needed one today. I feel so grateful to have been given the gift of a quiet moment with my amazing daughter. Yes, it was after midnight, but we take what we can get in this world. A child’s voice (especially when it isn’t shrieking) is truly one of the sweetest sounds on earth.

“Once upon a time….”