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Braeden home gratitude

Today, my son came home from Outdoor Science School after what seemed like four of the longest days of my life. I got sick only hours after he left, as if my body went into revolt at the very notion of his absence.

I love my son. He’s smart and kind and sweet and, yes, a bit weird (kind of like his mom). He has a unique way of looking at and dealing with the world, and I feel like I gain perspective through his eyes. Even when he’s quiet, lost in playing his 3DS or off reading in his room, his spirit fills our house. The void that existed while he was gone was enormous. Avery was so cranky the first two days in particular, throwing tantrum after tantrum. Chris and I were both pulling our hair out, but at the same time we totally got it. Braeden was missing, and we were all feeling it.

He had an amazing time, and came back full of stories. We listened and smiled and were just so unbelievably glad to have him home. I’m so grateful he got to have this experience, but I’m infinitely and selfishly more grateful to have him back with us.

He and I sat and watched “American Idol,” which I’d saved for him. (It’s a Mama/Braeden thing, especially the tryouts, which my husband absolutely can’t stand – he’s been known to run from the room). We didn’t watch it last year, because I honestly didn’t think I could stomach the judges. This season feels better, and I had so much fun today watching it with Braeden. We both favor the same contestant, so far at least. It’s early yet.

My Braeden is home, and my world is a happier place for it. I am very, very grateful.