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Stylist-in-training gratitude

Today I am once again grateful to have found a stylist-in-training whom I genuinely like. I got my hair cut tonight – for free – because it was part of a class on long layers. She did an amazing job! She was also gracious and patient as I sat there in my stupor, barely able to carry on a polite conversation (I’m still feeling sick, but couldn’t afford to pass on a free haircut).

Next Wednesday I’ll see her again. My gray roots are once again significant (and doctoring them with mascara is both tedious and only marginally successful) and something must be done. (No, really, the roots are bad. Bad enough that her first words to the stylist leading the class were, “We’re doing her color next week!” Her tone managed to be simultaneously apologetic and frantic. Like I said, bad roots.) My goal, as usual, is to go blonder still, in order to mask the gray a bit longer. We’ll see how blonde she’ll let me get. She worries about damaging my hair, which I appreciate. Even at these cut-rate prices, I worry more about the cost of maintenance. I am too vain to go without, but this is a process I can’t manage alone. When I was a single color, be it any shade of red or brown, it wasn’t a problem. But this? It way surpasses my abilities.

So I am very grateful for my stylist-in-training. I am not looking forward to her eventual graduation, though, as the salon itself is quite expensive and far beyond my current means. Still, YAY for free haircuts, and talented stylists!