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Hi Fidelity Podcast Glen Phillips

On Day Twelve, I am grateful for the day as a whole. My wonderful in-laws watched the kids so Chris and I could go watch a live podcast of Glen Phillips at Hi Fidelity, an L.A. record store (a real one! with vinyl!). The podcast itself was great fun, and there were so many other Glen fans there we know and love. Glen’s music has brought countless amazing people into my life… it makes me feel lucky.

After the show we had a delicious lunch out with several of those amazing people, and since the kids weren’t there it was kind of like a date. Hey, I’m a very broke mom of two kids, one of whom is only two. It’s the closest thing I’ve had to a date in ages! As my 10-year-old son is so fond of saying, “Don’t judge!” Of course, he typically uses that phrase after having done something deliberately weird, but still.

I keep saying this, but when Glen sings everything else falls away. All the stress and the anxiety that are an unfortunate part of my daily existence are gone in a few notes. I get literally giddy. I smile so much – and so hugely – I would barely recognize myself. A friend commented after seeing a group photo taken at Glen’s solo performance this past Wednesday that I was glowing. I can assure you I don’t typically glow in pictures… I’m much too self-conscious. I can only assume the glow was a by-product of the joy I get when he sings. Wish I could bottle it, both for pictures and for life in general.

Today was lovely, start to finish.

P.S. I am additionally grateful to the new purse I scored at the thrift store in Santa Barbara last Wednesday. I decided to wear a dress and not-quite-opaque tights to today’s podcast, but it ended up being a sitting cross-legged on the floor kind of scenario. Cement floors, at that, so my legs kept falling asleep and I ended up shifting around a lot. In a dress. That bag SAVED me. Strategic positioning meant I could shift about as needed with little worry. Since I was sitting in the front row, that mattered. Thanks, bag. You were worth every cent!

P.P.S. The photo is a repost of a repost. Sara Watkins (of Nickel Creek fame) posted it on Instagram, and Hi Fidelity reposted it on their Facebook page. I am reposting it with no permission of any kind. I just like the photo. I would post a photo of my own, but we left our camera at my in-laws’. Whoops!