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On Day 11, I am grateful for my Birchbox subscription. I am a product junkie, and the arrival of my Birchbox once a month fills me with glee. For a mere $10, I get a box of surprises. Normally I admit I am not a lover of surprises, but in this case I actually look forward to them. It’s like a little box of fun. For Christmas, my Mom took over paying for my subscription, so I no longer have any guilt that I am spending money selfishly. There is little that makes me giddier than the arrival of this bright pink box. (Truly, I practically do a dance. My husband laughs at me.) The outside box is bright pink, and the inside box is brown with black chevron stripes on the inside. The pink tissue paper exactly matches the outside box. The lovely presentation adds to the fun! Product samples are the best thing ever! (Um, did I mention that I’m a product junkie?)

This month, I received the following:

  • A sample of Glycerine Hand Therapy by Camille Beckman.
  • A mineral eyeshadow in “Eternal Marine” by Inika.
  • A Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser by Liz Earle.
  • Duosity Hair Treatment by Omnipotent.
  • Assorted teas from Ahmad Tea London.

The  eyeshadow color is gorgeous… a deep sparkling blue. I’m looking forward to checking it out. My hands are always dry, so lotion is good. I’m kind of hoping it will be incredible. I’m obsessed with taking care of my face, so the “Cleanse & Polish” thing should be interesting. Comes with a mini-muslin cloth to use with it. Deep conditioners are welcome, especially since I’ve been progressively lightening my hair. And finally, who doesn’t love tea? Seriously, It sounds silly, but Birchbox is like getting an unexpected gift every month. Who wouldn’t enjoy that? I suppose it’s possible that not everyone would enjoy it quite as much as I do, but that’s their loss.

Not everything can be deep, people.

(Apologies to any male readers. I promise this is not usually a beauty blog.)