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Avery Gratitude Picture

Today, I am grateful for my daughter Avery. Yes, she is Two with a capital T. Yes, she pushes my buttons and makes me crazier than her brother ever did, or ever could. She is feisty, stubborn and controlling. I find myself actively working not to scream at her on a daily basis. Did I mention that she pushes my buttons?

And yet… she’s smart and so very funny. She has a wicked sense of humor and an oddly deep (and sometimes evil) laugh to go with it. She reminds me of myself, often. She wants everything her way and God help everyone in her path when that fails to happen. She’s dramatic and emotional, but she often takes me by surprise with her sweetness. She’s very concerned with other people’s boo-boos, and will go out of her way to ask about them, always offering kisses to make them better. She has a whole menagerie of stuffed animals that must accompany her to bed, all not-so-creatively named… “Monkey,” “Doggie,” “Baby,” etc. If one is missing she’s acutely aware of it and the world must stop until the lost pet is found. She breaks my heart about 10 times a day, but I absolutely adore her.

And finally, those eyelashes! Good grief!