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Technically, this is yesterday’s post. I took my Day Two gratitude project picture yesterday, but it was so late after posting my other blog I didn’t have time to deal with an additional post. (I normally blog straight from my tablet, but getting a picture from my cell phone to my tablet to WordPress is a process so ridiculous I just skip it and actually jump on my home computer, a rarity, but necessary in this case.)

Sleep is good, and I am grateful for it. Certainly as it applies to myself, but especially as it applies to my not-quite-two-and-a-half year-old daughter. Like my son and myself, Avery is a night owl. This has certain distinct advantages. For example, she will never be that typical child who is dragging her parents out of bed at dawn. Also, she’s fun at a party. When other kids have fallen prey to tantrums and exhaustion, Avery is still bopping around, charming the pants off of everyone she meets. BUT. We co-sleep, and that lovely period other people get “after” their toddler goes to sleep never happens for us. She goes to bed when we do, with rare exception. This has obvious disadvantages… too obvious to enumerate here. Also, there are the nights where she outlasts us, where we are all lying in bed, Chris and I are utterly exhausted and Avery is still bouncing around  screaming, “WAKE UP MOMMY! WAKE UP DADDY!” In those moments, co-sleeping doesn’t seem like such a good idea. In those moments, a second child doesn’t seem like it was such a good idea.

At any rate, whenever Avery falls asleep “early,” it’s a blessing, one that definitely calls for gratitude. Last night the rest of us were watching “The Hunger Games” on DVD and Avery suddenly and completely crashed without warning in Chris’ arms. Cutest thing ever!  One minute she was chattering away; the next she was OUT! It allowed us to watch the remainder of the movie in peace, which is no small feat in our home. So yesterday (and any day), I am grateful for sleep. So there you are. Day Two is complete, and I already know what I’m taking a picture of for Day Three. I’m on a roll! I might even get Day Three’s blog/picture out on Day Three! You read it here first!