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squirrel gratitude day one

Like many others in the Internet universe, I recently saw the article about taking a picture of something that makes you grateful every single day for a year. I’ll be honest, at the moment that seems a bit daunting. Still, I like the idea behind it… illustrated, documented gratitude. Even attempting to follow through will be an exercise, forcing me to flex my gratitude muscle, which is admittedly a bit weak. It seems to fall in line with some of my new resolutions, so why not?

So yesterday (which technically ended 23 minutes ago) was Day One. I took only one picture, as it happens. We spent the day at my in-laws’, and I spent some quiet time sitting outside watching the squirrels. I love squirrels, and my in-laws’ yard is an excellent place to observe them in their (adopted) habitat. The squirrels there are fed regularly, so regularly that they are quite friendly and several will happily take peanuts right from your hand. One in particular is so gentle that he took a nut from my hand without me feeling him do it. I actually thought he’d gotten nervous and backed away without taking one, but when I looked up he was chewing away with a pleased expression on his furry little face. They’re funny, clever creatures, and their antics give me joy. So yes, I am grateful for squirrels. It’s a small thing, but it matters. Every bit of gratitude counts.