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Woo hoo! I’ve made it to 100 followers! Thanks to everyone who thought my blog was worth not just reading but following. Your attention is very, very much appreciated. It means more than I can describe, truly. I hope I always deserve it.

I successfully got my child to school this morning! Score one for me! Honestly, other than the having to be conscious part, this year seems easier, even considering I have to drag Avery out of bed. Braeden gets his own breakfast now, and Chris makes his lunch at the same time he makes his own. I even managed to to slap some sunscreen on my face before making the drive to school. Of course some of it has now made its way into my eye, so apparently being responsible can be a self-punishing act. Ow! My hair is in ponytails, plural. I’m not convinced this is a look that I should be sporting in public, but it was easy since my hair was already in twists to keep it tangle-free. I was dressed, at least. I am convinced if I ever pulled the pajama bottom routine something would happen that would precipitate the need for me to actually get out of my car. No way. There may be women out there my age who can rock a pajama bottom in public, but I am not among them.

I need to leave the house at some point. We are out of overnight diapers, which means a Target run. I need to buy desserts for tonight’s dinner, since Chris’ friend is coming. That means a bakery trip. I may make a side run to Nordstrom Rack, or Marshall’s. I’m still not sure what I am wearing to the show on Friday. I want a new blouse… it would go a long way toward improving my level of confidence. Dumb, but true. Retail therapy. I can’t lose much weight in the next couple of days, but if I am wearing something new – and cute – I will feel better regardless. I’m not sure how patient Avery will be with this part of my plan. She loves to be out and about, but clothes shopping isn’t her favorite, unless it’s for her. It’s also early dismissal Tuesday at Braeden’s school, the day on which the school intentionally confuses parents by releasing the kids 35 minutes early. Every Tuesday. Crazy, right? I am picking up Braeden’s friend as well, and he goes to a different school a mile away. Isn’t the life of a stay-at-home mom exciting? Aren’t you glad you chose this blog? Ha!

Seriously, someone followed me yesterday who has only been blogging since March, and she has nearly 5,000 followers. Just in case you thought I was getting a swelled head over my 100 followers… yeah. Not so much. In fairness, her life is far more exciting than mine. It did provide some perspective, though. Perhaps I should be writing about someone other than myself from time to time, for variety. Someone who doesn’t feel that getting her kid to school on time two days in a row is a blog-worthy accomplishment. Oh, and I followed her back, too. Because vicarious excitement never hurts. And the hundred people who are following me get… um, the satisfaction of knowing their own lives are more exciting than they realized? I am providing a public service! And all before 11 AM! (And in the background of my home, Elmo is singing about what it would be like if he were President. I am entirely serious.)

Avery learned a new word this week! Well, she learned several, because that’s how this age goes, but my favorite on this week’s list is WEDGIE! You heard it here first. She used it correctly, too. She backed up to me, pointed at her diaper and announced, “Wedgie!” I am such a proud mommy!

Happy Tuesday, folks!