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This past week was terrible, food and exercise-wise. It’s clear that I am not eager to write when I don’t have progress to report. Normally I am frustrated by my lack of available time to write. This week, even when the time was there, I found myself unenthused. I stared at my Nook and instead chose to read, or watch TV. Anything other than sitting down to write about what was really going on.

It wasn’t a bad week from an emotional standpoint. There was a lot of activity, which made Avery exceptionally happy. We had a visit at a friend’s during which she more or less played by herself for four hours. Totally unheard of. Basically, Avery requires more stimulation than she feels we/I provide on a given day. She likes to be out and active, but there are only so many free things to do in the city. Even the places that do offer free activities for toddlers require the car (and therefore gas) to get there. It’s summer, so it’s hot during the day, which makes the park unpleasant. That said, when I am able to take her somewhere – anywhere – new and exciting, she is the most agreeable, charming child you’ve ever met. If you could have seen her at my friend’s house, you would have thought every story I’d ever told claiming that Avery is high maintenance and requires constant attention was complete and utter crap. Anyway, plenty of activity equals plenty of food. Chris worked late a fair amount, and when he didn’t I found myself lethargic and unmotivated, possibly due to the higher doses of food I was consuming (gee, you think?). To sum it up, I haven’t walked in a week, and my calorie load has been out of control. I need to hit the reset button, stat.

So here I am. I have less than three weeks until the Toad show. Time has been going very quickly. I’m not stressed about it… it’s not as if I’d been determined to lose a certain amount of weight by then. I just wanted to feel better, but that, too, requires some kind of action. I had a good week followed by a not-very-good week, so it feels as if I am starting from square one again. I need to look hard at the things that are within my control. For example, I can control what I eat, or don’t, regardless of where I am or whether Chris works late or not. I may not be able to take Avery walking, but I can choose to be more active within the context of my day. I can’t control whether Chris works late, but on the days he doesn’t, I can make sure to go walking, no matter what. All of these things require work… action. It’s a whole lot easier to theorize about what I need to do than it is to actually do it.

I assume it’s probably more entertaining to read about someone who has chosen a goal and is going at it, guns blazing, than to read about someone who has a goal and is waffling, or seems to struggle no matter how achievable the goal seems. Sorry. The thing is, I’m not a fictional character. I’m just a regular girl, and I screw up, all the time. I did marry my prince, and we do have two beautiful children. But I’m pretty sure if this were a fairy tale I wouldn’t be worried about losing my castle. The prince’s noble steed wouldn’t be a 17-year-old Pontiac with a bashed-in side. Basically, if you choose to read the Reality Tales, you get what you get, good and bad. But you’ll get the truth, or at least  the truth as I see it. There’s value in that, I think.

So here’s to another week. The prince still has a (temp) job, and that’s a good thing. The new week offers yet another chance to make good choices. Yay for that. Right now, the coffee is ready. For a mom of an almost-two and a 10-year-old, coffee is always a good choice. Trust me.