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Chris did get home at a reasonable time tonight. To tell the truth though, last night had been so crazy that I opted out tonight. I could have gone walking, but that would have basically meant only having dinner together, cleaning up and going straight to bed. No real lull, and I needed one, badly. So I stayed home. We hung out, watered the garden, played with Avery and generally enjoyed each other’s company. Sometimes you need a night like that.

We also finished the red velvet cake. It’s amazingly good, but I’m glad it’s gone. When I was younger, we had a joke in our house about dieting. We called it “reducing inventory.” Obviously the first thing you need to do when you go on a diet is remove all temptation from your home, right? But you don’t want to waste food, so of course we’d have to eat all the bad stuff. Chips? Cookies? Ice cream? Get rid of it! Eating all of the tempting food = reducing inventory. Once you had reduced inventory you could start a diet with a clean slate… the next day, of course. That’s what I was thinking of when I was eating the cake, that I was once again reducing inventory. Obviously that’s a joke. I’m not really trying to diet, for starters. I would like to improve many of my food choices, and I would like to get regular exercise. A diet is a temporary measure, something drastic you do for a short time to meet a goal. I don’t want any of my changes to be temporary. I’d like to eat more sanely as a matter of course, and since I know I feel better when I exercise, I’d like that to be a regular thing too. None of it is really focused on the idea of a short-term goal. I just want to feel better about myself overall. The Toad show gives me something in the immediate future to motivate me, but it’s not really about that.

Anyway, hopefully Chris will get home quickly tomorrow night as well, and I will walk. Today was better, and my evening was exactly what I needed, emotionally-speaking. Sometimes you just need to stop and water the tomatoes. The squash, too. Our garden has been killing it this year. I smile every time I eat a tomato. As good as candy, I swear. The heirlooms are amazing, and the cherry tomatoes too. Also, somewhere there is a fat rat with tomato seeds on his whiskers. I know we’ve had a good crop, but every tomato he gets irks me.

Okay, time to wrap this up. Sweet dreams, all. Especially Avery, who is tossing and turning next to me, not yet sleeping. Sigh.