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My son’s 10th birthday party – the Family Edition – was yesterday. It was really lovely… just family and a few close friends coming together to celebrate. My son had a great time and we cam home with a car full of Legos. What more could a 10-year-old-boy want? He got to design the menu as well. He got the ribs he’d wanted, and the red velvet cake he’d wanted. It was pretty much perfect.

I got what I’d wanted, too. I got to spend my son’s birthday party surrounded by family and good friends. Sometimes you forget how much it matters just to have people show up. It’s a reminder that you are loved, which is a big deal since I have the tendency to feel alone even when I am not. Too bad they don’t make rubber bands labeled “friends” that I could wear on my wrist and *SNAP* when I’m feeling isolated.

It really was a good day. Too much food, but you have to splurge sometimes. Have you every tried to determine the number of calories for ribs and potato salad and red velvet cake? At some point you just have to roll your eyes and move on. Today is another day, and another chance to walk off some of those calories.

P.S. Did I mention that my team kicked ass in the bean bag toss? We did. I really love to win. It feels so good!