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I walked again tonight. Another 3.69 miles in an hour and three minutes. Could have been an hour, even, if the lights had been with me. I’m pleased. Bordering on giddy. It feels really good.

My food was also quite reasonable again today, so yay for that! No snacks or desserts… which is good because my son’s family birthday party is tomorrow, and there will be cake. And I will be eating it, with a smile on my face… at least until I have to log it. My calorie total for tomorrow is apt to be dubious. That’s okay. I was well under today, so it should balance out. (Right??)

Chris made it home in an hour and 15 tonight, so his time improved too! Yay again for lighter traffic. Also, supposedly they want him for at least another month, or possibly six weeks. They went a step further, but I won’t. I prefer not to overthink this. At the moment I am glad we still have income and that things are going well. Next week, the head designer goes on vacation, leaving Chris in charge. Should be interesting. Wish us luck!

And on that note, I will wrap this up. I am exhausted and I’ve got a birthday party to deal with tomorrow. It was funny, I was happy after my walk tonight but also completely wiped out. Chris was teasing me, saying that exercise is supposed to energize you, not leave you lethargic. I was sitting there, covered with sweat. I’m sure regular exercise will go a long way toward improving my energy levels… but not tonight. Tonight I am done.