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Only the title is snarky, I promise. The sentiment expressed here is sincere, always.

This blog is never meant to upset anyone. I post about me – and about my life – because it helps me. It helps me sort through everything I am going through, and gives me an outlet. Writing works for me, and I happen to be good at it. I understand that not everyone will agree with everything I post here, and not everyone has the same level of comfort with public discussion about a variety of topics. Again, my goal is never to upset or offend, but if you find yourself in either of those positions with respect to something I posted, I offer the following suggestions:

1. Come to me directly. I can’t promise to agree with you, but I will promise to listen. If something I say bothers you, the best possible choice is to tell me about it. Just me. My friends and relatives are not responsible for my choice of content, and shouldn’t be on the receiving end of any commentary about this blog. Come to me. Email me, call me, or even post here. The posts require my approval to be made public, so if you don’t want your comment public, tell me so, and I’ll respect that. That way I will see your comment, but no one else ever will.

2. Don’t read the blog. Again, I am not trying to be snarky, but if you find the things I say about my life upsetting in some way, stop reading them. If you feel I have alluded to you somehow in a way that made you uncomfortable, let me know. I never use names, outside of my immediate family (i.e. Chris and the kids, only). I had thought leaving everything relatively anonymous was sufficient, but if you feel I failed, come to me.

Please, with respect, leave other people out of this. I try my best to make this blog about me almost in its entirety. I would never knowingly post anything that I felt would drag someone else into this. Writing makes me feel better, but not everyone shares my level of openness. I try my best to respect that, and not to cross lines. Please try to do the same.

Thank you for your consideration.