So this past weekend, the air conditioning in our primary car, which wasn’t working all that well to begin with, died altogether on the way to Chris’ parents’. Since it’s been over 100 for many of the last few days, that’s not great. Then this morning, Chris’ laptop, which had been generously given to him by a friend, gave him, and I quote, the “Blue Screen of Death.” He couldn’t even get it to work in safe mode. That’s the computer he runs his portfolio in at interviews, and the computer he sends resumes from, since if he uses the PC Avery screams her head off, since it’s behind a child gate and she can’t reach him when he’s on it, God forbid. It should be said that our current PC is so ancient and runs so poorly that Chris finds it hard to run Adobe on. Also, there’s a reason I post ftom my Nook, one letter at a time.

So no a/c in the car, and no functioning laptop. I’d ask the universe what else it had in store, but I’m not stupid enough to want the answer.