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The word “goodness” makes me think of two very different things. One is “There is goodness in this world,” which is true, and I will get there in just a second. The other is the expression “Oh my goodness,” which I listened to an Italian rant about while I was an exchange student in Paris. She found the phrase to be both puritanical and incredibly annoying. I have no idea why her outrage stuck in my head, but it did. I myself tend to use “Oh my God” unless hanging out with friends who might be offended by it (I have at least one). I know I say “Oh my God” because it’s what Braeden says, and he’s a pretty good indicator of how I speak (I had no idea how often I said the word “actually” until he started using it non-stop at the age of five). He is smart enough not to repeat my profanity, though. Self-preservation is strong in this one, Obi-Wan.

So back to the goodness in the world bit, because God knows this blog needs a little relief. A friend who’s apparently been reading this suddenly offered to send us her old laptop. Wow. Just wow. (Now if only I had a friend who was a mechanic!) Seriously, I am blown away. Totally unexpected, and hugely, ginormously appreciated. She said we could use it until we got something shinier. Yeah. Can I just polish the laptop? I think that ought to do, for the moment. If it functions, it’s shiny. My standards are currently quite reasonable.

She also said my writing was “addictive,” which was nearly as good as the promise of the laptop. It’s Chris’ future laptop, anyway. The lovely, shiny compliment is all mine. I now have a mental shelf housing a few of those, all recent as I only returned to writing at all at the end of May. Compliments: amazing, ego-stroking, confidence-boosting and calorie free. Not to be found on supermarket shelves. Priceless.