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I ended up starting a poem last night. The idea came to me in a flash, but it definitely did not arrive fully formed. It’s an invertebrate. I know I said I needed to learn how to work, but I was imagining adding some fingers and toes here and there, as needed. This thing can’t even sit up by itself. It’s sitting in my WordPress app, titled only “Poem,” which might be an overstatement.

I feel like it’s watching me, challenging me. A pile of loose flesh without a spine, as disturbing as a sci-fi monster. If it were a tadpole, I could wait around, and eventually it would become a frog. But it can’t. It needs me to give it form. It has a heart, I think, buried in there somewhere. Maybe even a soul. How can I ignore something with a soul?

They say they’re more afraid of you than you are of them. I’m not buying it.