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I don’t know if super-literal titles are your thing, but it was insanely hot here today. It was 108 out, and worse, it was humid. Since I live in Southern California, humidity is a fairly rare problem. Today, though, the weather decided to get creative and dose us with wet along with the heat. Heinous, I tell you. Sticky and miserable.

Again, we have no central air. We have window units that do a decent job in the bedrooms, which are less of a challenge. In our living room/dining room (office) area, we’re just asking too much of the poor window unit. It’s a larger space with very high ceilings, but more important, our ceiling and roof are essentially one and the same. Back before we bought the house, someone removed the dropped ceiling to make the space feel larger, and it works. It’s a small house, but the high ceilings, painted white, give it a soaring, lofty feel. But there is no insulation. None. The sun beats down on the roof and bakes the interior of my house. It’s miserable. Today, it was 87 degrees inside my house. Awful. Could have been worse… some summer days it gets to be over 90 degrees in here. Given the temperature of 108 outside, I think our overworked window units were doing the very best they could. And I appreciate their efforts, truly. But God, it was flipping hot. Too hot to move. I did nothing of value today. Sat my butt on the couch and tried not to breathe too hard. Watched TV, nothing too serious. Ate two bowls of cereal, as it was too hot to cook, and very nearly too hot to eat. I did manage a load of laundry at some point… well, managed it again, technically, since I had done it yesterday (which was also hot) and forgotten to move it to the dryer. It already smelled funky when I found it this afternoon, so I washed it again. Yuck. Nothing like repeating your efforts.

Yes, this is a post about the weather. If the temperature is 108 freaking degrees, I figure it’s earned a post. No apologies.

I couldn’t sleep last night, again. I blogged and sent email and pretty much squirmed around in my bed wishing I wasn’t co-sleeping. Yes, this again. Sorry, really. If you only knew how atypical this is for me. When Chris and I were dating, I was all over him all the time. I was still in my 20’s, then. But after marriage, and kids… there was exhaustion and co-sleeping and babyweight and body image issues. Basically, my sexy had gone and flown the coop. I was convinced Chris must be feeling like I sold him a false bill of goods way back when, because I was rarely interested in more than sleep, when I could get it. Fast forward to two weeks ago, when my slumbering hormones kicked into high gear out of nowhere. What the hell? The first person to suggest this is a “change of life” thing gets it. I swear, I have no idea how things changed so abruptly. I guess maybe they (the hormones) kind of woke up when we thought Chris had the job, a month ago. Apparently they didn’t get the memo that the job evaporated, because they’re still here, making a nuisance of themselves. Yes, their return sounds like a good thing, on the surface. Except for the fact that WE CO-SLEEP, so the damned hormones get me nowhere but frustrated. Urgh. Last night I was so wound up I found myself on a website that sells sex toys, a first for me. Not the sex toys, the website. In the past whenever I was curious about such items I visited my local adult toy store. In person. I do live in L.A., well, Los Angeles adjacent, anyway. No website had ever been required. Throw a stone far enough in any direction here and you’ll probably hit a d… an adult toy store.

What I was doing there, I can’t even tell you. I have no money, so I certainly wasn’t seeking to purchase something. Looking at sex toys online wasn’t going to fix what ailed me. Honestly, it probably made things worse. But it was interesting. So many options. It was mind-blowing, really, the sheer volume. Also, the prices people are willing to pay for their sex toys are incredible. I mean, I know “sex sells,” but still, wow! I mean, over $150 for…. I will leave out the details, past that. No one needs to know what I was looking at. Even I don’t want that much exposure. A little mystery is a good idea.

So, about that heat wave we’ve been having….