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Chris didn’t get the job. They must have found someone willing to take less money. They almost certainly didn’t find someone better. Chris has nearly 15 years of experience doing the same thing for one particular type of company. That’s been part of the problem. At his original company, years ago, they got rid of all of the experienced people and hired inexperienced ones for far less money. That’s been the story across the board. That, and that companies who used to have people like Chris in-house now use contract workers instead. It’s cheaper.

They tried so hard to sell Chris on the job… pretty much convinced him he had it. If he hadn’t finally gotten the woman’s contact information and sent her a note, it’s apparent that they wouldn’t have even bothered to send a letter informing him of their decision. Now I understand why the original guy who interviewed him and was so gung-ho ended up dodging his calls. No one has any integrity, anymore.

Stay classy, America.