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No, this isn’t about Chris’ potential job. We don’t know anything yet, which is oddly fine with me. I have mostly managed not to think about it. Shocking, but true.

This is more blogging-related thought. It can’t be helped. Not surprisingly, I have blogging on the brain at the moment. I am spending an above-average amount of time either writing or thinking about writing the next blog post. I did mention that I am obsessive, yes?

So when I share a post on Facebook via the little “share” buttons underneath the post, a little “1” appears in the Facebook box to indicate that I have done so. Okay. Makes sense. But lately I have noticed that the numbers in the box are changing. If I reread a post at a later point, sometimes the number is higher. Does that mean other people are sharing my posts? It seems logical on a certain level. I mean, if there’s a “1” after I share it and there’s a “4” or a “10” (10???) several days later, it would logically follow that someone else must be sharing it, unless I am promoting my blog in my sleep. I don’t think I’ve gone off the deep end yet, so…. I am struggling with the concept on an emotional level, though. I wrote a blog that nine other people decided to share on Facebook? To me, that seems, um, unlikely. Cool if it’s true, but….

The foreign views, on the other hand, just make me happy. What, someone in the Phillipines is reading this? The freaking Phillipines? And Malaysia? Wow! Just wow. The idea that there are people all over the world who might occasionally check out the contents of my head is just… heady. Even if it’s two or three of them. So if you are sitting somewhere in a country that is not the United States and reading this, thank you! You brighten my mornings. Yes, I just admitted that I get up in the morning and check out my stats. Actually, I usually read Facebook, then my email, then my stats. Internet priorities. Insert eye roll here. Hey, I have to do something when I have woken up but Avery hasn’t. Co-sleeping. Tall bed. I am essentially stuck until she wakes up. And if she wakes up first, I need something to do while she spreads her Cheerios around. See how that works? Yep. It’s all about Avery.

Have an absolutely lovely day!