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As I’m writing this, it’s technically an hour before Father’s Day, in my part of the world, at least. We already celebrated, though, so it’s not too early to comment. It was actually a really lovely day. Far too much food (you know it’s a bad sign when s’mores are “first dessert”), but definitely a great day. Swimming, relaxing near the pool, watching Avery play with her cousin (they’re only four months apart in age and are so freaking cute together I can hardly stand it)…. all’s well that ends well.

I just want to add that my kids are two of the luckiest kids on the planet, simply because Chris is their father. Yes, he’s nearly endlessly patient. Yes, he truly believes dads should share equally in the parenting workload. He is equally at home playing “Monster” with my nine year-old and his friends (who clue into this trait quickly and ask Chris to play with them all the time) and buckling and unbuckling my daughter’s “Baby” from the toy stroller. He’ll sit and watch “Caillou” or “Sesame Street” while sitting on the floor and playing with Mega Blocks (the princess version). He’s an amazing father, husband and friend. My kids are not the only ones who are lucky.

I am totally exhausted and slightly delirious from today’s carb overdose. To all the great dads out there, thank you. We wouldn’t want to do it without you.