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I forgot to mention that my cat apparently reads my blog. The night of my blog post complaining about her waking us – the post in which I called her a “stupid cat” – she crapped in our bed.

I went into our room in an attempt to make a phone call in peace, and while I was talking, I started to notice a very specific (and unfortunately familiar) nasty odor. Since I was on the phone and I assumed the poop would be under the bed, where she usually goes, I called Chris in to look for it. He found it IN our bed, in several spots, as if she’d been trying to damage as many areas as possible. She managed to hit every blanket and sheet she could have conceivably hit. I had to strip the bed (while on the phone… I am a multi-tasker) down to the memory foam topper. Unfortunately, I swore I could still smell the poop all the way down at the memory foam level. This led to an apparently hilarious conversation in which I kept telling Chris to smell the bed. “No, smell HERE! No, over here. SMELL!” My friend was laughing her head off by the time I redirected my attention to her.

Chris saturated the bed with Lysol, and we spent all freaking day today doing laundry. Ugh. Brazen, if you are reading this, you are totally ADORABLE!! What a sweet kitten! Good kitty!

I’m not taking any more chances.