I walked tonight for the first time since, God, I can’t remember. It’s been more than a few months. I took advantage of the fact that Chris was home again today (boo, hiss) to post on the Mommy & Me page that my evening was open if anyone could get out to walk. And guess what? I had a taker! Yay! It was actually a lot of fun. The other mom kept me hugely entertained, and the time flew. The first 3.69 miles of many, I hope! It felt so good to do it, rather than to just think about it. As I said, there seems to be something about posting my intentions publicly that causes them to manifest. I’ll take it.

I have many miles to travel, literally and metaphorically. It was nice to be walking with someone whose goals were similar to my own. But also, having someone else there is crucial. It’s not solely that I am more likely to do it if I have someone to do it with (huh – that sounded worse than intended). More important, having someone else present keeps me out of my own head. That last bit is so crucial. If I walk alone, I blast music to drown out my own thoughts, which are frequently toxic and a danger to any feeling of zen I might otherwise gain.

Anyway, one down! No idea what the rest of the week will bring, but at least I spent an hour and 20 minutes taking care of myself. That’s a big deal. Of course, this is taking care of myself as well. One post down….