The manager in charge of the division where Chris has been working confimed on Thursday night – immediately before or after letting him know that he wouldn’t be working on Friday – that his position is technically part-time freelance, and not full-time freelance as originally described. The problem as it stands is that the manager has a vision for a division within the larger company, almost a small business inside of the big one. That smaller business needs a certain amount of work in order to justify its existence (and its budget) and that amount of work hasn’t happened yet. His dream is to have several full-time employees, and while it’s lovely to have dreams, his has yet to come to pass. He reiterated how much he loves Chris and his work, which is awesome, but won’t pay the mortgage, especially since they go out of their way to be certain that none of his hours ever becomes overtime.

I am so frustrated. He worked 38 hours this week, but only 16 the previous one. That kind of random schedule makes it hard to look for work, and would make it harder still to schedule an interview if he needed to. Chris likes the work and the environment, and would love to stay there if a permanent team were created. He certainly wouldn’t want it to be evident that he was looking elsewhere, but what is he supposed to do? I’m at a loss. I’m angry the job was misrepresented, and angrier still that there aren’t a dozen better options waiting.

I would love to believe that this has to get better, but honestly, I’ve seen little evidence to support that.