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So to those of you who are keeping track, I was unfortunately correct. Chris worked only a half hour late today, and then was informed that he had tomorrow “off.” No overtime. We’ll be lucky to have cleared 40 hours this week. Not great. They love him, and are genuinely impressed with his work. But they’re using him on a project by project basis, which is aggravating, given that the job wasn’t sold that way. If they love him so much, they should put out, salary-wise. (I should apologize for making such a terrible analogy, but I’m feeling ornery, so I won’t.)

I am glad they love him, truly. But this hit-or-miss income is a very bad thing. Better than no income, and far better than unemployment, but still not enough. My mortgage company won’t care that things have improved, trust me. Not knowing what you might be bringing in from week to week is terribly unhelpful. Hard to decide which bills you can afford to pay, and all of that good stuff. So he has to keep looking on the days he has off, which is no fun. When he got this job, we thought it was an actual job. Full-time, with a guaranteed salary and benefits. We thought we were Saved!, with a capital S and an exclamation point (great movie, as an aside). Instead we are Stuck!, and it’s demoralizing.

So apparently other people have started reading this. I did deliberately add tags to my last post, and made the blog searchable. Still, the idea that people want to read my blog is shocking to me. And slightly unnerving. I keep thinking I am going to disappoint someone, or worse, bore someone to death. I struggled with the decision to make the blog public to begin with, and then again when I made it searchable. Ultimately, though, I get something out of knowing more people are reading. If I had hundreds of followers (ha!), it would be disingenuous to be surprised every time I gained one. I’ll be honest, with my personality and self-esteem issues, I could literally be surprised by the notion of people wanting to read my blog for years. Regardless, at this stage, it’s a true novelty, and I appreciate it (read: I’m stunned). So if you’re new to the party, such as it is, welcome. I am very glad you’re here.

One last thing: I assume professional bloggers write (or post, at least) only when they have something of import to relate. I am not a professional, and am new to the medium. You will in fact be getting a random sampling of the contents of my head. If you expect more, I’m sorry. On that same note, Avery pooped in the tub tonight for the first time. However, it was Chris who was giving her the bath, so it was his problem to deal with. It’s the little things….